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AC - Anastacia Reference Sheet by theRainbowOverlord AC - Anastacia Reference Sheet by theRainbowOverlord
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:iconexcitedlaplz: I'm so excited for ACIV! I can't even. So have a nice pirate assassin lady.
This is Captain Anastacia Santiago she is the captain of the Dragon's Pearl and replaces a white pearl with a black one for every successful target she kills. Her father was sailor in the Spanish Navy until he was put to death for disobeying a direct order and she swore to avenge him.

[ Human ]

Name: Anastacia Santiago

Alias: Anya, Captain Red Feather

Alignment: Neutral

Nationality: Madrid, Spain

Residence: Varies

Personal History: Anastacia spent most of her childhood training with her uncle Marcus while her father was away on a Spanish galleon. As a teen Anastacia heard of her father's demise at the hands of his own crewman for defying the unjust order of his commanding officer and swore to avenge him. Anastacia is now a terror of the seas and will often hound Spanish galleons for sport before plundering them and returning home to her elderly mother and uncle.

Occupation: Assassin, Pirate

Language(s): English, Spanish, Hungarian, partially fluent in various other languages.

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Age: 32

Birthdate: November 5, 1665

Aura Color: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark strawberry-blonde, short, curly, worn loose and under a hat or hood.

Skintone: Deep tan

Distinguishing Features: Two scars on her left cheek.

Weight: 140lbs

Height: 5'5"

Figure: Average in height and weight with well toned limbs, large hips and full bust.

Personality: Independent, vengeful, adventurous, stubborn, clever, loyal, and courageous.

Partner: Edom (lover)

- Parents: Antonthy Santiago (father) and Marianna Santiago (mother)
- Children: Naiara Santiago (daughter)
- Relatives: Elysia Floriane (ancestor), Marcello Cassius (ancestor), Asyu Turan (ancestor), Katalin Galli (ancestor), Frida Halasz (descendant), Annalise Halasz (descendant), Esteban Halasz (descendant).

Friends: N/A

Pets: Paco, the Scarlet Macaw

Special Items: Engraved golden locket passed down by the women in her family, spyglass.

Weapons: Hidden blades, Cutlasses, Pistol.

- Very clever and hard to fool.
- Great strength, stamina, agility, senses, and reflexes.
- Proficient in the use of many different types of weapons and combat styles.

- Vengeful (on a quest to avenge her father's killer and it cloud's her judgment).
- Temperamental
- Very protective of her crew and family and will put her life on the line to keep them safe.
- Has a passion for pearls and finding lost treasures and sometimes succumbs to gold fever.

Interests: Collecting pearls (especially black pearls), discovering lost treasures, drinking, spreading tales about man-eating mermaids, and reading.

Likes: Gold, pearls, exotic foods and spices, foreign artifacts, rum, fruits, exotic animals.

Dislikes: Templars, Spanish galleons, authority figures.

Quotes: "Grab a blade! We don't have all day."

Allies: Assassins, her uncle, the crew of the Dragon's Pearl.

Enemies: Templars
hellcat-siya Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohhh she looks amazing, all the detail and that hair!
theRainbowOverlord Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, I think she might be my favorite so far. I have one more to do. :la:
hellcat-siya Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome, I see then. Cool ^^.
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